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More than halfway home

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

I’m more than halfway home, at this point. Literally & figuratively. Currently quarantined in Mysore, I can travel to Coorg next week. I grew up in Coorg & Mysore, and now live in Bombay (yes, it’s an emotion). But it’s almost as if I haven’t found my “home” yet. Is it necessary to find home? Is it a place? A person? A city where you’re surrounded by people you don’t know, but somewhat trust? Bombay has started to feel more like home than my other homes.

Near Kala Ghoda

It’s confusing, isn’t it? I don’t know what it is. It could be the vibe of the city of dreams. As if I expect something magical to happen, out of the blue. As if, the chaos in me might get untangled driving past Juhu Beach. As if I’ll find closure walking through Causeway. None of which I’ve done in the past 115 days. Or maybe it’s just me justifying the sky-rocketing rents and expenses. I’d better feel at home there.

Watson hotel

As I tuck these thoughts away, and concentrate more on our house in Coorg, I can’t help but smile. All my loved ones are there. We have a dawg. The house is at least 150 years old, I can have another go at documenting it. The air is fresh. And COFFEE!! Countless cups of filter coffee. The rains that keep lashing 24x7. The cold. All the baking I’ve missed due to the lack of an oven. Screen time reduction. Sigh, it feels good to be going back. Even if it’s temporary.

Gateway of India

But Bombay, please don’t change while I’m gone. I’ll be back soon.


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4 opmerkingen

Yes, both heart & hearth make sense in this context :)


Home is where the heart-h is ......


Thank you ma :)


Suma Chitrabanu
Suma Chitrabanu
11 jul. 2020

Its a beautiful expression of thoughts......keep writing

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