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Shooting through the pandemic 1

It’s June already? How time flies!

The pandemic started affecting our lives almost 15 months ago. But it still feels like the first lockdown was announced just yesterday. What a year this has been. A year that was majorly spent at home. A year that changed the trajectory of most of our lives.

I started working from home from the 17th of March, 2020. Going into it, we didn’t know how long this would last. Nobody had a clue. Days were long, so were nights. No defined boundaries. No physical contact with the outside world. The sheer monotony and uncertainty of it all was like being suspended in limbo.

Even for an introvert who loved being home, this was hard. I was, I realised, renting out a “sleeping space”. Not a home. Not a place where I could spend a whole day. It was just a space where I could spend 8-12 hours of life each day, in between long hours of work & commute. I had to do something that would make me feel more comfortable. I had to cope.

I started shooting a lot more than usual. In different modes, different settings, different light conditions, concentrating on technique more than the usual composition I work with. I had more time to spend doing things I loved, something that most of us couldn’t do until the “new normal”.

Photography was what made me get out of bed each day. I would look forward to creating something new in the same old 500 sqft of space with basic necessities. The pandemic helped me understand my love for photography better.


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