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Comfort zones & travels

Chinese fishing nets set up in Fort Kochi
Chinese Fishing Nets (Cheena vala), Fort Kochi

5 years ago, around this time, a friend and I went on a trip for case studies, before our undergraduate thesis. We didn’t have similar topics, but we decided to accompany each other, because well, we’re girls & solo trips don’t really go down well with Indian families. Not that they're okay with it now.

A man sitting on a stone bench wearing a colourful turban in Rajasthan
The everyday life of Tilonia, Rajasthan

Traveling to different locations from Kerala to Rajasthan, we were thrust into situations that we weren’t really comfortable with, but had to work around. From visiting the spice markets & processing units in Fort Kochi, to housing for the poor in Trivandrum, to the vineyards in Nashik, to Charles Correa’s housing ideas in Belapur , to transit in Ajmer, to a very remote village called Tilonia in Rajasthan, it was one hell of a trip!

Bottles & barrel showing the essence of Sula Vineyards, Nashik
Bottles & barrels, Sula Vineyards

The modes, of course, changed quite a bit. Overcrowded trains, pre-booked buses & flights, boats & taxis. It was our little adventure and even though it may not have been as glamorous as Fogg & Passepartout’s, it was perhaps as intense and exhausting.

Ajmer Railway station with onlookers wondering what I'm uptown
Transit at Ajmer Railway station

It was a trip that helped us understand how different and yet how similar we all are. How our perspectives are different, but how one doesn’t negate the other. How privilege exists. How a person can cope with things randomly thrown at them, when they absolutely have to. How traveling can help you grow as a person.

Green hills in the backdrop with a pathway next to the vineyards. Flowers in the foreground
Sula Vineyards, Nashik


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