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Grounded, yet reaching for the stars

This frame is one of my favourites from Rajasthan. Originally supposed to be in colour (the sky is blue), I accidentally turned it into a black and white photo and there was no going back. I loved it. It had to stay that way.

Funny story, I got this printed along with a few other favourites, a year ago. It was a busy time. Our house was being done up a little for my brother’s wedding. There were guests everywhere and sooo much to do. I left the prints at the framers in Mysore and headed to Coorg. The frames were then brought home a day later and I had a pleasant surprise.

The picture was not supposed to be oriented as a portrait, with the birds flying up! The birds are actually flying towards the left, imagine rotating it 90° counter clockwise. But well, to each his own and I’m glad I got a chance to see this interpretation of it. Happy accidents?


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